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Team technical and process coaching …

Create the best possible software development team, one that continually delivers high-quality, profitable software:

  • Enthusiastic individuals, eager to learn and capable of ramping up quickly.

  • Healthy interactions and the willingness of those individuals to work as a team.

  • An approach that incorporates continual inspection and adaption at all levels.

… to help you build successful dev teams

You want your teams to be able to deliver high quality software regularly in order to make your customers happy. You want your teams to be happy as well. What is the best way to do that? Pave the way for them to be able to continually deliver solid software as a team.

We will engage with your teams daily to help them with:

  • technical practices geared toward higher quality / higher productivity. Test-driven development (TDD), continuous design, refactoring, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), legacy code rescue, and more.

  • collaboration practices, focused on increasing quality, productivity, and team coherence. Mobbing (mob programming), pairing (pair programming), and more.

  • process practices and concepts, focused on short inspect and adapt cycles. Agile, behavior-driven development (BDD), lean, XP, story mapping, and more.

  • general developer skills, focused on improving the capabilities of your team members as appropriate.

  • defining / honing a process appropriate for the current situation and team composition.

Every step of the way–starting from day one–we’ll help each of your teams act more as a true team. A cohesive, happy team is a productive one.

Distributed or not, we’ll coach your teams to play well together, self-correct, and deliver the quality software that your business demands. You’ll love having teams that delight your customers and management.

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