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Outsourced software development

Langr Software Solutions provides code development at reasonable rates. We are able to develop either on-site (insourcing) or remotely (outsourcing). You’ll get well-tested solutions that exhibit high quality design and code.

Outsourced software development with Jeff:

I can build and deliver software to your specifications in Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, and Clojure. I’m also able to pair with your developers in those languages and numerous others, including Ruby, Python, Kotlin, and Elixir.

I’ve been developing software professionally since 1982. To stay up-to-date and relevant as a consultant and trainer, I cycle back to full-time development on a regular basis. I did full-stack remote development at a startup for almost 3 years into 2016, working primarily with Clojure, Ruby, and JavaScript, plus ops technologies that include AWS, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, postgres, ElasticSearch, and Redis. Most recently, from 2022-2023 I helped deliver a major overhaul of a restaurant online-ordering app used in thousands of locations; this involved heavy work with JavaScript, React, and MaterialUI.

For recent customer engagements, I’ve done day-to-day development work embedded with pairs and mobs–both on-site and remotely–using C++, JavaScript (+ Node, AngularJS, React, Redux, & many more), Kotlin, Java with Spring Boot, and various other languages & technologies.

Outsourced software development …

Enlist help to build your software–on time, to your specifications, and with the quality it needs.

  • Web, enterprise, and mobile app development capabilities.

  • Scalable, robust, solutions.

  • Delivered with appriate levels of maintainable tests.

… to help you build quality software

You have software to deliver. From years of experience, you know that cutting corners on quality doesn’t really speed you up. You might deliver early for a little while and win a few races, but eventually you’ll slow down, and likely for the duration.

Sprinting to ship shoddy software is a sure way of running out of steam, meaning you’ll no longer be able to compete seriously. You want to work with software developers who know how to build quality software while sustaining a solid delivery pace over time.

By following various practices, we know how to avoid the slowdown common to just about every development team. Our practices focus around quality built atop short feedback / adaptation loops. Technical practices such as test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD) ensure that we’ve captured all the important decisions in the form of “living documentation,” so we don’t waste copious time figuring out just what we have on hand. Collaboration practices such as mobbing and pairing help minimize risk and increase valuable knowledge share.

We’ll take advantage of modern AI tools to help speed up the process.

We’re not married to particular practices, either. We help you determine the techniques and tools most appropriate to each project.

We’ll help you view and treat your software as a long-term investment that will continue to pay off and minimize overhead costs.

We can work side-by-side with your team, as a completely outsourced resource, or somewhere in-between. Give us a call, and we’ll discuss various models and strategies for engaging to help build your software.

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