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You and your team must deliver. Now, continually, and with quality. You want a team that can hit the ground running and ship software without a whole lot of supervision.

We deliver software, and we deliver capability--the capability for your teams to increase their productivity while also increasing their ability to ship quality software. Let us work with you and help build software and teams that know what it takes to succeed, distributed or not, by applying modern quality and team practices.

You want your teams to be able to deliver high quality software regularly in order to make your customers happy. You want your teams to be happy as well. What's the best way to do that? Pave the way for them to be able to continually deliver solid software as a team.

You need to continually and consistently deliver value. The beauty of building software is that you can develop despite the many obstacles dropped in your path, by adopting a core approach that keeps your teams productive, cohesive, healthy, and happy.

We can deliver our hands-on engaging classes at your site, offsite, or remotely. Your students will be enthralled. Available topics include: AI-Assisted Development with Verification (AADV), Test-Driven Development (TDD), Legacy Code Rescue, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Continuous Design, Mob Programming (Ensemble Programming), Distributed Development, and Agile Software Development.

You have software to deliver. From years of experience, you know that cutting corners on quality doesn't really speed you up. Instead, work with software developers who know how to build quality software while sustaining a solid delivery pace over time.

How we engage

Langr Software Solution Colorado Springs, Colorado engaging solutions

We can deliver all services to you on-site, remotely, or with some combination of working remote and on-site.

You want your team members to have the best opportunity to improve based on our presence (whether physical or virtual). For an optimal engagement, we heavily focus on collaborative development techniques, including mob (ensemble) programming and pairing. We also use dojos for engagements that involve a combination of training and the need to deliver real work.

For more about mob programming and why we prefer it, read Mobbing: “We Go Faster”.

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