Database TDD Part 3

by Jeff Langr

October 11, 2005

Time to refactor. I took about 10 minutes and ran through about three different refactoring passes, running JUnit each time to ensure I maintained a green bar.

First pass: move responsibilities into a separate class, JdbcAccess. It’s actually a move that will stave off duplication at some future point, once I have another domain class with persistence needs. But right now I’m following the single responsibility principle as my primary refactoring driver.

Second pass: eliminate common code duplication. Example: extraction of the createStatement method.

I made a couple other minor refactorings, including inlining the loadDriver method into createConnection (it wasn’t pulling its own weight, violating simple design rule #4). The bigger move was divorcing the ResultSet from the need to populate the user object.

The code still has lots of problems, of course. There’s still the presumption that there’s a single row of data, and worse now, the JdbcAccess class presumes there are always two string columns.

Also: The User class still has to import java.sql (because of SQLException). And there’s more duplication in the SQL strings that we’ve not touched on yet. And worse, we now have a class (JdbcAccess) with no unit test coverage.

Code from

    public void save() throws SQLException {
       new JdbcAccess().execute(
          String.format("insert into userdata (name, password) values ('%s', '%s')", name, password));
    public static User find(String nameKey) throws SQLException {
       JdbcAccess access = new JdbcAccess();
       List row =
          access.executeQuery(String.format("select name, password from userdata where name = '%s'", nameKey));
       return new User(row.get(0), row.get(1));

    import java.util.*;
    import java.sql.*;
    import com.mysql.jdbc.Driver;
    public class JdbcAccess {
       private Connection connection;
       private Statement statement;
       public void execute(String sql) throws SQLException {
       public List executeQuery(String sql) throws SQLException {
          ResultSet results = statement.executeQuery(sql);
          List row = getRow(results);
          return row;
       private List getRow(ResultSet results) throws SQLException {
          List row = new ArrayList();
          return row;
       private void createStatement() throws SQLException {
          statement = connection.createStatement();
       private void createConnection() throws SQLException {
          new Driver();
          connection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/test?user=root&password=xxx");
       private void closeConnection() throws SQLException {

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