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Tuesday, April 08, 2008 
Clean Code

Uncle Bob Martin just completed a draft of Clean Code, which the publisher site lists as being available August 22, 2008. The book is a code-intensive collection of thoughts on how to keep, well, your code clean. I was honored to submit two chapters, one on "clean classes" and one on emergent design. Uncle Bob got the last word, putting in even more code than I'd laid out on these chapters.

Many of the chapters are contributions by other current-and-ex-Object Mentors, but Bob put in a significant effort to go through the compiled book as a whole, to make sure everything coheres well and put his personal stamp on it.

The announcement got me stoked again about writing. is also looking to compile an e-book of my many articles on design patterns (most with a TDD bent), so look for that in the near future. Still, I think it's time I went back and started on a whole, real book of my own. The C++ tome is still a potential if Mr Koss and I can find mutual time together for it.

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